In an era of fake news, Photoshop, and algorithmic nonsense, it's good to know people can spot bulls**t pretty quickly.

For example, when that crazy-looking rollercoaster video did the rounds, people (not just us) clocked it was fake pretty quickly. The same went for the fake robot from Boston Dynamics which fought back against its creators.

While nobody's yet been able to trace that rollercoaster video to its originator, the fake robot from Boston Dynamics is a lot more simple. In fact, the creative team behind it - Corridor Digital - even supplied a behind-the-scenes video to showcase how they did it.

As you can imagine, they didn't have access to a real-life Boston Dynamics robot and had to create their own using CGI. However, for a reference point, they actually used a real-life person to act out the robot's parts - including getting beaten up with hockey sticks. The whole video itself took nearly three weeks to make, but it took less than a couple of days before people to think it's actually real.

Take a look.