Let's be clear - if those Boston Dynamics robots start fighting back, that's it for all of us.

That's basically how 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' starts, and we all know where that ends up. That's right, folks - soiled loincloths and Charlton Heston running around half-naked. Anyway, this video shows a team of engineers tormenting an automaton robot with sticks, whips, bottles and the like before it decides to fight back.

The clip you most likely saw cuts off right as he grabs the hockey stick from one of the engineers and drops it, as if he's about to size it up. You might have also seen a grainy video of the whole thing that involves a gun being fired off at it.

In case it didn't need to be said, the video - like that one of the crazy rollercoaster - is a fake. It's actually a comedy sketch video from Corridor Digital and was posted yesterday on YouTube. To be fair, the video is made to look like one of the real-life Boston Dynamics videos, complete with the warehouse setting and even the design of the robot itself.

It goes without saying that the robot wasn't even there, but was merely CGI'd in with a lot of green-screen (there's even a behind-the-scenes video explaining it) to give it the same look. Again, if this was actually real, we'd all be dead by now - especially the folks at Boston Dynamics.

That's just ground zero for the robot apocalypse. Next most likely place is the self-service checkouts that never work. If we're at war with machines, that's the first place that's getting hit hard.