You might have seen a crazy-looking rollercoaster ride on Twitter or Facebook in the past few days that looked extreme enough to induce a panic attack just by looking at it.

The video shows a tower with a gyroscopic drop that then pops out of the seats and spins people around and around, all of it enough to give you nausea and you're not even on it.

Here's the video, in case you haven't seen it.

Well, as it turns out, it's a fake. Sort of.

The structure itself is real, and there is a rollercoaster ride on it, but it's nowhere near as extreme as the video claims. The video itself has been digitally edited.

The rollercoaster is in Lotte World in Seoul, South Korea and is called the Gyro Drop, but the reality is a bit more mundane.

Essentially, the ride just lifts into the air, spins slightly, and then drops you straight down. The experience is tied together with VR goggles to make it seem like you're dropping from a different place, but it certainly doesn't involve being spun around in mid-air.

Here's a video of the actual Gyro Drop.