There's nothing worse than someone who doesn't pay for a round in a pub, but you can't hold Eric or Donald Trump Jr. responsible for this.

After reading several stories claiming that the Trump sons left Ireland without paying their bar bill, we called the Igoe Inn in Doonbeg, Co. Clare to confirm the story.

Speaking to us over the phone, Caroline Kennedy of the Igoe Inn in Doonbeg, Co. Clare confirmed that the bar tab was "paid within the hour" and that every pub in the village that the Trump entourage drank in was also paid.

"I was misquoted, again and again, and again. We were paid, and we were paid within the hour," said Caroline. "I think people just wanted to jump on the bandwagon," she added.

The Trump family are popular in West Clare, as the resort owned by the US President - Trump Doonbeg - employs close to 300 people. However, the Twitter account for the resort has also come under fire as several tweets promoting the US President's visit were accused of breaking ethics violations in using the office of the President for commercial gain.

Whatever the case may be regarding that, or the very real likelihood that the Trump administration accepted help from Russia in order to win the US Presidential Election, at least we can say that they paid their bar bill.

That's something at least.