Whenever you look at the horrific sludge that is Donald Trump's Twitter TL, you may think to yourself that it's something akin to that pink goo from Ghostbusters 2 that turned New York into a raging, boiling, furious cesspit.

Maybe even Trump himself is made from that goo. Either way, it's horrifying - but what if we could make it a little bit easier to manage? Say, for example, if we were to see it as it really is - the tantrums of a child.

Enter the Chrome extension, Make Trump Tweets Eight Again, which was created by the Daily Show With Trevor Noah and debuted around February of this year and still works to this day. Essentially, it takes tweets from @realDonaldTrump and turns them into colourful crayon doodlings that you'd hang up on a fridge.

Take Trump's most recent tweet. Here's the original...

And here it is with the extension.

See? Makes way more sense. You can download the extension here.