Women in Hollywood have very much found their voice in the last year and the Times's Up Movement is going from strength to strength. British actress Gemma Arterton ('Quantum of Solace') has produced a comedy short film about how tricky and plain crazy the casting process can be for women.

Called 'Leading Lady Parts', it see famous actresses like Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey, as well as Felicity Jones, Katie Leung and many more audition in front of a panel comprised of Arterton, Catherine Tate ('Doctor Who'), and Anthony Welsh ('Fleabag') who have countless offensive and impossible requests for them.

Finally, Tom Hiddleston shows up and well, see for yourself.

The short was written and directed by Jessica Swale, an Olivier award-winning playwright, and the idea came out of a meeting of actresses who were discussing what they could do to support Time’s Up.

Arterton told LA Times: "It was just women in a room, chatting - we felt everything was very serious, there were really big issues being spoken about. We felt it would be fantastic to do something light-hearted and more comical that got the message out without beating anyone over the head. There was a room filled with all these creative, beautiful women and what better way to make a difference … than all coming together and making something?

"It's one of the best things to come out of the Time's Up meetings for me personally." she continued. "Meeting people I would never usually meet. For example, Felicity Jones. I had this meeting in my house and Felicity came and she was the one [who] suggested ‘Why don’t we do something together?’ That was a very heartening thing."

'Leading Lady Parts' is the first in a series of short films that will centre on gender inequality in the workplace while the films will also raise awareness for Time's Up UK's Justice and Equality Fund, which is working to end harassment and discrimination in the workplace.