When the historians of the far-flung future come to write of the age of the internet, what will they say?

Will they remark about how civilisation collapsed around them, yet people were too busy dunking on far-right nutjobs and making stupid recipes to even notice? Perhaps.

So it goes with another viral recipe video that, quite frankly, nobody has either the time or patience to actually see it made in reality. The latest monstrosity created by an algorithm and made real is a deep-fried concoction of pizza and quesadilla, with chicken breasts thrown in for some reason.

Here's the recipe video.

So, how practical actually is this abomination? Well, as it turns out, not in the slightest. People's Food Editor Shay Spence actually went out and bought the ingredients for it - which totalled to $80, or about €71 in our money - and tried to make it happen.

According to Spence's thread, the process shown in the above video didn't mention the fact that A) you have to freeze different parts of it to stop it from falling apart, and B) that it would take close to SIX HOURS to actually make.

Of course, as you'd expect, the finished product was nothing short of disgusting. In Spence's own words, the thing - because it is not a dish, it is a thing like John Carpenter's 'The Thing' - was described as "truly one of the most vile things I've ever eaten."

Who would have thought some algorithmically-generated food recipe would taste awful? Everyone with human taste buds, that's who.

In short, the internet was a mistake and it's no longer worth the free porn. The sheer amount of waste that went into making this thing, not to mention our time wasted in reporting this, just proves it.

Go about the rest of your day in that knowledge, folks.