There's a whole section of the videogame 'Metal Gear Solid 2: The Sons of Liberty' where one of the characters talks about information spiraling out of control.

The whole point of the monologue is basically that information is being produced without any context, without any reason, all of it preserved perfectly for future generations - and most of it is meaningless. Up until now, none of that really made any sense because what we derive meaning from is contextual.

You might not care about 'Love Island', but others do. Likewise, others may not give a crap about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but you do. There is meaning, however minuscule and niche, in what we find on the internet. This video, however? There is no meaning to it.

Nothing. It means absolutely nothing. It is, simply, a video that shows you how to make a blue egg over the course of three days. The video originates a YouTube channel called '5-Minute Crafts', which upon inspection appears to be some kind of bot farm in Eastern Europe that will most likely end up trying to harvest your data. In the same way that shady YouTube channels automatically create weird-ass cartoons based on AI, it's the same thing here.

The video clip that's going viral on Twitter was shared by Rob Delaney originated from a video titled '14 AMAZING EGGSPERIMENTS YOU CAN DO AT HOME' that has 2.5 million views since April 12th of this year. 2.5 million views. Think about that for a minute.

2.5 million views.

Again, we can't find any need, reference or information about who or what you'd need a 'BIGGER THAN BEFORE' blue egg. Who has this amount of time to waste on making it, too? It takes like three days for the thing to grow in size.

It's... meaningless. Utterly, utterly meaningless.