Thanks to a previous appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Colin Farrell now gets free kebabs for life. For him and any other person. So if you're a fan of Abrakebabra, you might want to find Farrell and become best friends with him.

To put this all in context, Colin Farrell was talking to Kimmel about the wonders of Abrakebabra when he appeared on his talk show last March.

It's a phenomenon which we Irish all indulge in when it comes to those late night feeds.

At the time, the actor bragged about possessing a Abrakebabra Gold Card, entitling him to free food for life.

Since then, Farrell has come into possession of an even great possession - the Abrakebabra Black Card. He even whipped out the card from his wallet- it read: "Absolutely no restrictions apply to Colin Farrell."

The star of the upcoming 'The Batman' (which he kept tight-lipped about) boasted about how he could get himself and Jimmy anything they wanted from Abrakebabra with the card. In fact, he could feed the whole audience, which was met with cheers.

So next time you spot Colin Farrell in Abrakebabra, you know what to do.

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