As is often the case with Irish celebrities appearing on late-night US talk shows, there's always a certain amount of trepidation when hosts ask about Ireland.

Are they just going to go for the obvious "drink any Guinness while you're at home?!" questions, or make some horribly-outdated joke about leprechauns, or some other crap. This time, however, Colin Farrell stepped up and spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about "one of Ireland's cultural flagships" as he described it - Abrakebabra.

Of course, Colin Farrell brought up the unique delights of that 3AM kebab, probably a doner, and most likely one from the one on Dame Street that everybody ends up in. Just to make it even more authentic, Farrell also brought up the joke name for one of the Abrakebabras, colorfully referring to it as - you guessed it - Stabrakebabra.

Naturally, to make up for slighting the name of Abrakebabra, Farrell also brought up his ownership of the fabled Abrakebabra Gold Card, adding that he hasn't paid for a kebab in five years.

Take a look. Also, Abrakebabra, if you're reading this, our address is Castleforbes House, Castleforbes Road, Dublin 1. We'll take four Gold Cards, please and thanks.