In a wide-ranging chat on last night's Late Late Show, Colin Farrell went through everything from almost being in Boyzone (he sang 'Careless Whisper' in his audition) to meeting his son an airport tarmac in Morocco, to how 'Alexander' was his career highlight and lowlight.

In town for the Irish premiere of 'Dumbo', Farrell talked about his now-infamous Boyzone audition after being spotted on the dance floor of POD on Harcourt Street and described his outfit in vivid detail. "I was wearing a rubber shirt and leather pants," Farrell admitted, before cracking into a decent Louis Walsh impression.

On his career highlights and lowlights, Farrell got just as honest. Shooting 'Alexander' with Oliver Stone was his highlight, he said, but "how it turned out" was his lowlight. "If I knew how the film was gonna be received, critically and commercially, slaughtered in both arenas, I would still do it," Farrell explained.

Calling Stone a "veritable genius", Farrell talked about how the Oscar-winning director came to Ireland for casting and talked about the wealth of acting talent here. "His head was spun at the level of talent that he witnessed in this country," Farrell said, and talked about how Stone eventually ended up casting a range of Irish actors in 'Alexander'.

On the topic of 'Alexander', Farrell talked about his first time meeting his son, James Padraig, on the tarmac of a runway in Morocco during filming for it. His girlfriend at the time, Kim Bordenave, brought his son six weeks after he was born and - visibly upset - Farrell talked about how seeing him for the first time.

Take a look.

Needless to say, Farrell's honesty with Tubridy and how relaxed he felt - certainly enough to talk about something as private as meeting his son for the first time - was a huge hit with those watching at home.

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