It's been a while since we've had a good celebrity feud.

Let's be honest: as funny as they may be, the Gallagher brothers are becoming a bit predictable and Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have already kissed and made up.

However, the latest rumoured bad blood between two popstars is pretty juicy stuff.

According to The Sun, Rita Ora and Cheryl Cole had a massive falling-out last year, after Ora apparently got too close to Liam Payne for Cheryl's liking.

They've split up now, of course, but while Cheryl and Liam were still together, the former One Direction star duetted with Ora on the 'Fifty Shades Freed' song 'For You'. During a performance of it on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she planted a steamy smacker on Payne - and Cheryl, by all accounts, was raging.

She apparently 'bombarded' Ora's phone with texts and warned her to keep her distance. One of them reportedly read: "That’s my boyfriend and the father of my child you’re flirting with — it’s disrespectful. Do you really think that’s necessary?"

However, Ora has not commented publicly on the rumours of a feud, reportedly telling Cheryl via text that she “would never, ever go there in a million years".

Let's hope that Cheryl gave Liam the same b*llocking, since it looked like her was a willing participant in the kiss.

Neither of them have commented on the story since it broke, but with Liam pictured with Ora and his new girlfriend Maya Henry at an event in Paris last week, this one could run and run...