The long-running feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift has apparently come to an end.

For several years, the two pop stars had not spoken, allegedly because Perry had poached one of Swift's backing dancers.

It spiralled into something much bigger when Swift apparently wrote 'Bad Blood' about Perry, which Perry responded to with 'Swish Swish'. Swift then released her back catalogue on Spotify the same day as Perry's new album came out.

Now, however, according to Perry's latest Instagram post, the feud is over.

Posting a picture of a plate full of cookies inscribed with 'Peace at Last' and tagging the location as 'Let's Be Friends', she captioned the picture: "feels good ? @taylorswift". Swift replied with a row of hearts.

Love and harmony is all well and good, but where are we going to get our pop star drama now?