The news that Cheryl Tweedy and Liam Payne were splitting up came as no real shock to most people, considering that rumours of the rockiness of their relationship had been swirling for months.

Their joint statement was fairly textbook and gave little away for the reasons behind the split - but one person who wasn't happy about the lack of gossip and/or details was Piers Morgan.

The 'Good Morning Britain' host said at the time: "It’s always weird when celebrity couples split up saying they have so much love for each other - if they love each other that much, why are they splitting up? They should be more honest and just say, “We hate each other”."

However, Cheryl had the sassiest response to his little dig, as he revealed in his column in the Daily Mail on Saturday.

"When we came off air, Cheryl texted me: ‘I’m so sorry you didn’t like my statement, Piers - perhaps I should have texted you the intimate details in chronological order as it unfolded."


Morgan admitted that he 'apologised' disingenuously, saying "Sorry, I didn't mean it the way it sounded", to which Cheryl replied: "I’m just messing. I hate those kinds of statements too, so cringeworthy. But we don’t hate each other. It just didn’t work out. You going to Simon’s party?"

No doubt she's equally thrilled that her private text exchanges are also being published in a newspaper. Moral of the story? Ignore Piers Morgan in all forms.