Caroline Flack appeared in court today following her assault charge on December 13th. Flack pleaded not guilty to the charge of assaulting boyfriend Lewis Burton at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court in London.

The former 'Love Island' host arrived in court dressed all in black to a slew of paparazzi while boyfriend Burton also attended in support. Caroline is said to have been visually emotional in the dock, wiping eyes as she confirmed her name, address etc.

There will now need to be a trial although Burton has no wish to prosecute with Flack's solicitor Paul Morris saying, "He is not the victim, as he would say, he was a witness. ‘He would not suggest that the injuries are significant in the way the prosecution submit."

While the prosecution's Katie Weiss countered, "He is not a victim, he received a significant injury to his head." She added that there was a body camera worn by a police officer which captured the injury, and said the footage and a 999 call would be used during the trial.

Morris also pleaded to lift a bail condition banning Flack from talking to Burton. "They had been in a relationship all of this year and he appears in court today to support her and they remain a couple. She wants to spend time with her partner. If the conditions were lifted there would be no concerns. It’s not an irrelevant point, it’s Christmas, it’s New Year, she’s suffered enough. She is in the public eye – this case has been scrutinised, she will conduct herself properly."

Earlier this morning, Flack posted a heartfelt message on her Instagram, writing, "This is the worst time of my life. I don’t know where to go to. Where to look. Who to trust. Or who I even am."

Days after the incident on December 13th, Flack announced she was stepping down as 'Love Island' host with Laura Whitmore set to replace her for the upcoming winter edition of the show.

40-year-old Flack is said to be considering a long-term residential stay in a £15,000-a-week Thai retreat. Speaking to last week, Eric Schiffer, Chairman of Reputation Management Consultant, said: "Flack's career won't face death. Her replacement is a second rate distraction from the charges. [At time of writing, no replacement had been revealed.]

"Flack's rocky rise to fame and total disaster of a love life made her a lovable star. She has loyal fans and will recover, and will be back for Season 7 of Love Island."