The crime thriller series 'White Lines' has been cancelled by Netflix after one season.

While there had been rumours that a second season was potentially happening, Danny Mays confirmed that 'White Lines' was one and done for Netflix. Mays also added that while the series was essentially wrapped up in the one season, there was "it clearly also had scope going forward for much more."

The series followed the disappearance of a famous DJ in Ibiza several years ago, and a young woman who travels to the island to attempt to uncover the truth of the DJ's disappearance - who also happens to be her brother. Irish actors Barry Ward and Francis Magee both starred in the series, while Belfast-born Nick Hamm directed several of the episodes.

Critical reaction to 'White Lines' was decidedly mixed, however, with Rotten Tomatoes scoring the series at 63%, while our own review was fairly middling on the whole thing.

Still, the series had a cracking soundtrack and the whole series is available now on Netflix.