Although there's a Christmas special on the way next week, you've also got the second season of 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' to look forward to.

As you can imagine, the plot details are pretty light here and there isn't much to go on, but it clears give you an idea of where the second season is headed. Basically, lots more weirdness, lots more of the weird dance routines, and probably actually seeing Satan in the middle of it all.

It's already been confirmed that Alexis Denisof - that's Wesley from 'Buffy', if you remember - will be joining the cast of the second season, although he's nowhere to be seen in this teaser. Not only that, Jedidah Goodacre - that's really his name - will also have a role in the second season as Dorian Gray.

Yeah, you read that right, Oscar Wilde creation Dorian Gray. Let's just hope they pronounce it right and not mess it up like they did Samhain. It's SOW-UHN. SOW-UHN.

Anyway, here's the trailer. The second season kicks off on April 5th, 2019.