Netflix's much-publicised lawsuit with the Satanic Temple has come to an end with an amicable - and undisclosed - settlement. The dispute arose over the depiction of Baphomet, a statue which the Satanic Temple has copyright over. According to their claim, 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' featured a statue that breached their copyright.

The Satanic Temple also took issue with their statue being used in various scenes set in the School of Hidden Arts scene in the series, "and as the central focal point of the school associated with evil, cannibalism and murder."

Thankfully, in a statement sent to media yesterday evening, the Satanic Temple confirmed that "the lawsuit it recently filed against Warner Bros. and Netflix has been amicably settled."

"The unique elements of the Satanic Temple’s Baphomet statue will be acknowledged in the credits of episodes which have already been filmed. The remaining terms of the settlement are subject to a confidentiality agreement."

Well, that's all very reasonable and to be fair to the Satanists, protecting copyright is important.