Despite it having a series of movies, 'Resident Evil' always felt like a missed opportunity for a movie.

After all, it was heavily influenced by George A. Romero and you just know if it was in the hands of a strong director, it could have been something special. Instead, we got Milla Jovovich kicking dogs in the face for twenty-odd movies and Slipknot on the soundtrack. All very early '00s pop culture.

Anyway, it's 2019 and Netflix has decided to reanimate 'Resident Evil' for a new generation. Deadline reports that Constantin Films is now working on hiring a showrunner to turn it into a series. It's early days yet, and no casting or writers have been assembled, so it's not clear which of the games it'll be taking inspiration from.

'Resident Evil' is the second video game franchise to receive a Netflix series, as Henry Cavill is set to play Geralt of Rivia in an adaptation of 'The Witcher'. That series, which is expected to debut on Netflix in 2020, was originally based on a book series written by Polish novelist Andrzej Sapkowski and was then turned into a gaming franchise by CD Projekt Red.

Interestingly, this Netflix series isn't the only effort with 'Resident Evil'. Just last month it was announced that Johannes Roberts was set to direct a feature film reboot of 'Resident Evil'. Whether he's working on the pilot episode of this series, or if it's going to be a separate thing entirely, remains to be seen.

For now, let's just bring our minds back to that dog leaping through the window in 'Resident Evil' and how it gave us nightmares for years since.