In a move that should shock absolutely nobody, 'Resident Evil' is being rebooted without the help of Paul W.S. Anderson or Milla Jovovich.

Variety reports that Johannes Roberts, who directed cult thriller '47 Metres Down' with Mandy Moore (yes, really), has been hired by Constantin Films to bring a new take to the popular zombie videogame franchise.

Although the film franchise based off of the game never really made any kind of impact with critics, it was insanely successful at the box office. All told, the franchise has earned $1.2 billion across six movies, all of which had budgets well below $60 million per movie. Not only that, the movies are hugely popular in China and often earn three four or times the global box office alone.

Obviously, it's early stages yet and no casting has been announced nor have any plot details been announced, but it does say a lot that Johannes Roberts is being tapped for this. Given how Paul W.S. Anderson was more known for action than horror, Roberts comes from a strictly horror / thriller background.

With production expected to begin in early 2019, don't be surprised if this hits cinemas before the end of next year.