Although the series was first announced in 2017, it now looks like we won't see anything of Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher until at least 2020.

Per a number of tweets from Lauren Hissrich, who's writing the script for the series and acting as showrunner, she confirmed that a total of eight episodes have been ordered with the likely arrival time being 2020. Hissrich went on to explain that the pilot script had been written, but the remaining seven episodes needed to be actually written and polished - and that more writers would be joining the staff too.

On top of that, The Witcher will be filmed in Poland and Eastern Europe - which makes sense considering the novels on which the games were based were written by Andrezj Sapkowski, who's Polish and was born in Å?ódź. Unsurprisingly, casting has yet to happen - so there's probably going to be a lengthy wait to see who ends up being chosen as Geralt of Rivia.

While it may seem like Netflix trying for a videogame adaptation is something new or possibly aping what's happening in cinemas - what with the likes of The Division, Rampage et al getting a big-screen adaptation - Netflix already adapted Castlevania into an anime series with Richard Armitage, James Callis and Graham McTavish in voice roles. Not only that, it's the only videogame adaptation in the history of Rotten Tomatoes to receive a Fresh rating, too.

Could it be that Netflix have the magic formula to make half-decent videogame adaptations? Who knows.


Via Twitter