Released last November, Netflix heist movie 'Red Notice' soon became the streaming service's most watched film of all time, surpassing 2018 hit 'Bird Box'. Across the globe, it accumulated 392 million hours of viewing by November 30th.

It can hardly come as a surprise then that 'Red Notice' is getting two sequels, which will film back to back.

The news was broken by Deadline, which reports that the filmmakers are hoping to begin production in early 2023.

This is of course dependent on deals and the schedules of its stars.

Gal Gadot, for example, has various projects in the works including 'Cleopatra', the live-action remake of 'Disney's Snow White' and 'Wonder Woman 3'.

Among various gigs for Dwayne Johnson, he has the much-anticipated 'Black Adam' coming up; Ryan Reynolds has time travel movie 'The Adam Project' (also for Netflix) and musical Christmas romp 'Spirited' (originally 'A Christmas Carol') on the way.

Moreover Reynolds has also announced he is taking a sabbatical from acting.

Rawson Marshall Thurber, who directed 'Red Notice', is said to have already begun writing on the follow-ups.

The upcoming trilogy is reportedly following in the vein of 'Ocean's Eleven' with a star-filled cast.