While the star-studded film fared below par for critics, audiences at home and in theatres thought differently.

'Red Notice' has officially become the most-watched Netflix film ever, less than a month after its release.

Releasing in theatres on November 5 and on Netflix on November 12, the film starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot has toppled the record which was previously held by Sandra Bullock's 'Bird Box' from 2018.

According to the streaming service, 'Red Notice' brought in 328.8 million viewing hours by Netflix users, while 'Bird Box' had 282 million viewing hours. The figures also show that 50 per cent of all Netflix's subscribers around the world have viewed the comedy/action caper.

The title, which holds a 92 per cent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes (compared with a 35% critics score), still remains in the top 10 films list on the platform in 94 countries around the world, including here in Ireland.

One of the stars of the blockbuster, Dwayne Johnson, tweeted the record-breaking news over the past few hours, exclaiming: "Holy sh*t [exploding head emoji] RED NOTICE is now the most watched film in Netflix history. [...] With still 11 days to go, RED NOTICE has been viewed for 392 MILLION HOURS. F'n insane."

Gal Gadot also tweeted her joy, saying how "happy", "grateful" and "blown away" she is by the news. She also said: "Your love means the world & never to be taken for granted. Thank YOU [love heart emoji]."

Upon its initial release last month, the film rocketed to the top of Netflix's viewing lists. Given the hype of the film before its release and the solid track record and bankable payback in terms of star power, don't be surprised if there's at least one sequel in the works.

While not officially confirmed, there have been rumours of two planned sequels, which will continue the off-beat antics of the two art thieves and the Interpol agent.

'Red Notice' can be streamed on Netflix now.