Star of 'House of the Dragon' Milly Alcock wants to work on smaller projects following her success, in a similar vein to Paul Mescal.

In an interview with Nylon, the 22-year-old spoke about how overwhelming it was to step onto the HBO giant's set after only working on small-budget Australian shows beforehand.

"I didn't fully understand how big of a scale something like that could be until I stepped on set, and I was mortified."

For someone so young, it can be incredibly difficult to choose your next project after something like 'House of the Dragon'. Luckily, there are plenty of examples of actors making a transition into smaller, more intimate projects after their big break.

"Hopefully something fun and exciting comes along. But I just really want to do something completely different to 'House of the Dragon', said Alcock.

"Ultimately, I don't want to go into another big franchise or a big series. I want to do something very intimate and personal and kind of like... Who's the guy in 'Normal People'?" she asked the interviewer.

After confirming it was indeed Mescal she was talking about, Alcock continued, "I want to do a move that he made. I want a long career. I want to be clever about it."

While thundering into the public consciousness back in 2020 with 'Normal People', Mescal has since chosen a less-weathered path with a transition into indie films.

The Kildare native's upcoming projects include 'Aftersun', an A24 film exploring a father/daughter relationship and a supernatural flick titled 'The Strangers' alongside Andrew Scott. He also stars in the upcoming Irish drama 'God's Creatures'.

Due to the time jumps in each episode of 'House of the Dragon', Alcock's character Rhaenyra Targaryen will be taken over by Emma D'arcy in the second half of the season.

'House of the Dragon' airs on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV on Monday nights.