Paul Mescal stars as Brian O'Hara, a Donegal fisherman in the upcoming film 'God's Creatures' set in Ireland.

Emily Watson joins Mescal as Brian's mother. IFTA Rising Star of 2020 Aisling Franciosi also stars.

The synopsis for the film is set in a quiet, brooding Irish fishing village and follows the increasingly strained relationship between prodigal son Brian O’Hara (Mescal) and his mother, Aileen (Watson), when Brian suddenly returns home to his family after living abroad in Australia for seven years.

After Brian is accused of an unspeakable act against a former flame (Franciosi), Aileen is caught between protecting her dear son and her own sense of right and wrong, driving her to near-madness.

From the trailer we see the return of Brian to his hometown, where he's greeted by his loving mother, Aileen. All seems fine until one night when a Garda arrives at the door enquiring about Brian's whereabouts on a night involving an incident with a young woman.

Things get very tense from there as Aileen seems to battle with her morals in order to protect her son. The darkness of the setting only contribute further to the tense atmosphere.

Saela Davis and Anna Rose Holmer directed the film. It's their second collaboration, following 2015's drama 'The Fits'. The story is by Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly and a screenplay by Shane Crowley

The film made a strong debut at Cannes this year, with Mescal's performance widely praised.

Mescal also stars alongside Andrew Scott in the upcoming supernatural film 'Strangers'.

Check out the chilling trailer below.

'God’s Creatures' releases in cinemas on Friday, September 30.