If you've ever done karaoke before, you'll be aware that occasionally, the caterwauling from the stage can attract your attention for all the wrong reasons.

Imagine, though, if you overheard two people duetting on a Bee Gees song and thought 'Hmmm... those voices sounds familiar.'

There's no way you could ever have guessed that they belonged to actor Adam Sandler and One Direction boyband star Liam Payne - but that's exactly what happened.

On a recent episode of the A24 film podcast, the Safdie Brothers (who directed 'Uncut Gems') were in conversation with director Paul Thomas Anderson. They revealed that as part of Sandler forming the character of jeweller Howie Ratner, they threw him into several everyday situations. One of them entailed visiting a karaoke bar, where amongst the group they invited was a real-life jeweller who brought his friend Liam Payne along. The pair ended up duetting on the Bee Gees' 'How Deep is Your Love', with Sandler staying in character as Howie throughout.

It's not clear whether Payne was aware that he was in character, but Benny Safdie does say that 'he went to see Adam Sandler, and Adam just shows up as Howie, he doesn't break... he's acting like he's a peer of this other jeweller.'

What a sight that must have been.

Sandler, of course, has form with a mic as far back as his breakthrough role in  'The Wedding Singer'.

Listen to the story, around the 18 minute mark, below: