No doubt that some people place great emphasis on vulgar language and its usage.

For some, it can immediately turn them off as they'll argue that it's cheap and doesn't add anything to a scene or piece of dialogue. Others would argue that it adds colour, emphasis and authenticity when used correctly.

The best example is, of course, 'Goodfellas' and the work of Martin Scorsese. You only need to look how it's deployed to know that not only do his characters use it liberally, realistically and with precision, it just simply becomes part of the landscape like the hairdos, the costume and the music. You simply expect it to be there.

It should come as no surprise, then, that 'Uncut Gems' - which has been compared to Martin Scorsese's earlier works - now has the third-highest usage of the word 'fuck' in a scripted movie, per a recent tally. In total, the word is deployed 500 times across its 135-minute runtime, and only comes in second to 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

The overall champion is 'Swearnet: The Movie', which has a total of 935 'fucks' in its 112-minute runtime, average 8.53 uses per minute. The documentary 'Fuck', which is about the word itself, only manages to use the word 857 times.

'Goodfellas', meanwhile, has 300 usages and ranks 16th overall, while 'Casino' sits in 7th place with 422 usages. Our favourite usage? Why, this scene right here.

'Uncut Gems' arrives in Irish cinemas on January 10th.