It's been a big weekend for Liam Gallagher, as the former Oasis frontman returned to Knebworth - scene of Oasis's legendary two gigs in 1996 - for his own solo shows.

The two gigs were undoubtedly a landmark for Gallagher, who sold out both nights (170,000 tickets) and play a selection of his solo material, including from new album 'C'mon You Know', as well as some Oasis classics.

However, not everyone seemed particularly happy for the Mancunian musician - and for once, it's not his elder brother taking a pot-shot.

Robbie Williams, who also played Knebworth for three nights in 2003, was speaking to NME when he was asked whether he'd like to return to the gig site, as Gallagher did.

“To go and do three again? I dunno," he said. "I listened to his last album and there’s some amazing songs on there. Like proper, proper – you know, how music should be. Or how this middle-aged fella thinks music should be.

“I don’t know if you revisit [Knebworth], though. Do you revisit it? I’m sure we’d do OK if we sold tickets as cheaply."

Realising how that might come across, he quickly clarified: "Can I just apologise for saying the 'cheaply' thing – if you write that, can you say I apologise? I was being bitchy."

In fairness, it was Noel Gallagher who infamously branded Williams "the fat dancer from Take That", so he has no reason to have beef with Liam.

Incidentally, tickets for Gallagher's Knebworth shows were £65 (€75) - so not exactly "cheap".

Williams releases his new album 'XXV' - a collection of "re-recorded and newly orchestrated versions of his greatest hits recorded with the Metropole Orchestra, alongside a few surprises" - in September.