The 47-year-old former Take That performer revealed a frightening moment from his past.

Robbie Williams has opened up about a shocking ordeal that happened to him when he was younger, at a time when every household was talking about the singer.

Williams, in an interview this past weekend, revealed that he was the target of a hit man "contract", with the end result aiming to be the murder of the hitmaker.

Speaking with The Mirror, Williams said: "I’ve never, ever said this, but I had a contract put on me to kill me. I’ve never said that publicly before. It went away. I have friends.

"That stuff is the unseen stuff that happens when you become famous."

Williams elaborated on the level of fame he dealt with when he was with Take That, and when he left the boy band and pursued his own solo career. He was thrown into the spotlight at the age of 16 alongside his former band mates Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald. He continued: "At one point in my life I was ridiculously famous, Michael Jackson-style famous."

Williams then touched on how, only now as he gets closer to his 50's, that he has managed to deal with the level of fame. He elaborated: "Extreme fame and extreme success meets with anxiety and depression and mental illness. There’s a few levels of fame and what it does to you. The first one is fuck.

"There’s a couple more I can’t remember but the fourth one is ­acceptance. You sort of rally against your privacy being taken away from you and you rally against it by trying to be normal, trying to be normal but also I’m gonna be small so people don’t beat you up. Like, 'I’m a dickhead, don’t hurt me'."

Robbie Williams has released 12 solo studio albums during his career, the first of which was 'Life thru a Lens' in 2007. Last year, news broke that a musical biopic film about the performer is in the works. Strangely enough, Williams will be playing a CGI monkey in the production.