'Master Of Puppets' has entered the Irish charts at number 58 after being featured in the final episode of season 4 of the hit Netflix show.

In the finale, Hawkins' resident metalhead Eddie Munson plays the song in the heat of battle.

After helping Kate Bush secure a number one hit, Metallica are now the latest band to see a sales and streaming boom.

The 8-and-a-half trash metal opus has also hit the Australian charts at number 22 as a result of the appearance in the show.

'Master Of Puppets' was never released as a single after featuring on the 1986 album of the same name, but nearly 40 years later, the song has connected with a new generation of fans.

Metallica themselves said they were "stoked" to have the song featured in the show, and have welcomed the new swarms of fans that have started listening to their music as a result of the show.

Metallica are no strangers to the Irish charts with hits like 'Enter Sandman' and 'Nothing Else Matters' top 5 hits in the early 1990s. but the band hadn't cracked the Irish charts since lead single 'The Day That Never Comes' hit the top 20 in August 2008.

The metal giants have proved their staying power by outcharting best-selling hip hop artist Cardi B, with her track 'Hot S**t' debuting at number 60, with not even the might of a Kanye West guest verse enough to out chart Metallica.

At the business end of the charts, Kate Bush is continuing her unlikely reign at number one with 'Running Up That Hill', with One Republic's track 'I Ain't Worried' cracking the top 10 after being featured in the beach football scene in 'Top Gun: Maverick'.