In a sign that 2022 isn't a total write-off of a year, Kate Bush has hit number one on the Irish singles charts.

'Running Up That Hill' entered the charts at number 10 in the first week after the new season of 'Stranger Things' aired, jumping up to number 3 last week, and now Kate Bush has dethroned Harry Styles at the top of the charts.

The unlikely turn of events reflects an extraordinary demand for Bush's music after the 1985 classic was featured in the hit Netflix show.

The song charted at number 4 in Ireland back in 1985, and charted at number 22 in 2012 after being featured in the closing ceremony for the 2012 Olympics, and Bush has now claimed number one on the Irish charts once again.

The track is Bush's 2nd Irish number one single, marking her 1st number one in Ireland since her debut single 'Wuthering Heights' went to number one back in 1978.

Bush has made history as the act with the longest gap between number one singles, with a 44-year gap between 'Wuthering Heights' hitting number one in March 1978 and 'Running Up That Hill' number one in June 2022.

The previous record was members of The Dubliners hitting number one in 2008 for the charity single 'The Ballad Of Ronnie Drew', 41 years after '7 Drunken Nights' topped the charts back in 1967.

'Running Up That Hill' has also topped the charts in the likes of Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Belgium, and in Bush's native UK.

Upon hitting number one in the UK, Bush has broke the record set by Tom Jones as the longest gap between number one singles.

Jones went 42 years without a number one single between 1967 and 2009, but Bush has broken the record with some style.

Bush also broke a record held by Cher as the oldest female artist to score a number one hit in the UK, with Bush taking the record from when Cher hit number one with 'Believe' back in 1998.

Bush has been reluctant over the years to let her songs be used in film and TV, but let the song be used in the hit Netflix series as she said she was a "big fan" of the show.

In a statement released this week, the star thanked the Duffer Brothers for using the song in the show, remarking that because of them, she now has the biggest hit of her career, adding the newfound attention is "so exciting!"

'Stranger Things' fans won't have long to wait to find out how the new season ends, with new episodes arriving on July 1st.