Kate Bush now has one of the biggest songs of the summer.

After 'Running Up That Hill' debuted at number 10 on the Irish singles charts last week, the song has jumped up 7 places to number 3, meaning that the song has now outpeaked its original 1985 release.

The song has seen a resurgence on pop charts worldwide after being featured in the fourth season of 'Stranger Things', with the track going to number one in Australia and Sweden, number two in Bush's native UK, and number four in the United States.

With the number 3 slot on the Irish charts this week, this represents Bush's highest chart entry in Ireland since 'Sensual World' hit number 6 back in September 1989.

The song's renewed success has taken Bush by surprise, who was happy to let the song be used in the hit sci-fi series.

Bush exerts tight creative control over her songs being used in film and television, and let the song be used in the Netflix series as she is reportedly a big fan of the show.

With the next part of 'Stranger Things' releasing on July 1st, Kate Bush has a very real claim to having the song of the summer.

Elsewhere at the top of the charts, Harry Styles continues his iron grip on the top of the charts with 'As It Was', with the lead single from 'Harry's House' spending its 10th week at number one.

At this rate, the only thing to dethrone Styles from the top of the charts is Kate Bush, which is a headline none of us expected to write in June 2022.

Elsewhere on the charts, Post Malone has two songs in the top 20 this week following the release of his new album, and Billie Eilish has seen another boost to her sales after last week's concerts in the 3Arena.

Could Kate Bush show the younger generation how it's done and claim number one next week? Stranger things have happened...