Paige and Finn are the favourites to win 'Love Island' at the moment. The only other couple standing in their way could be Luke T and Siannise.

Going back to the start of the series in January, you may recall that Paige did a little name drop of someone she used to go out with.

Yup, Lewis Capaldi and the Scottish blonde dated once upon a go.

Paige Turley also said she heard that she was the one who inspired Capaldi's hit song 'Someone You Love'.

But Lewis has now cleared up the origins for the song.

In an interview with Australian music channel, VMusic, Lewis said "The song is not about a lady who I was in a romantic relationship with. It's about my grandmother, who is dead. F***.

"She died a few years ago, your classic death, you know what I mean? Not coming back."

Capaldi spoke of how he needed to find inspiration for one more song for his album but struggled to access the emotion for it. He said, jokingly, he found the heartache when "As fortune had it, my gran had just died."

Watch the clip of him talking about the song below:

He could be messing, but he also seems very sincere about the impact his grandmother's death had on him.

And lyrics like "you're not here to get me through it all" and "I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to turn to" could easily apply to the passing of a loved one.

Previously, Capaldi talked about how he and Paige dated for a year before departing on amicable terms. He even said he'll be cheering her on to win the show.