Lewis Capaldi has opened up about the fact that his ex-girlfriend, Paige Turley, is now a contestant on 'Love Island'.

Lewis was on New Zealand radio station The Edge when asked about Paige.

In the islander's intro video, she name-dropped Capaldi and said the papers wrote that she inspired his hit song 'Someone You Love'.

Lewis dated Paige for more than a year after they met in college.

However it later emerged that the Scottish blonde had an affair with Garry Greig, one of Lewis’s closest friends.

In fairness to Capaldi, he had nothing but kind, and very funny, words to say about Paige to The Edge hosts Dom and Meg.

"I've known her for years", he said. "We were 18 when we first met, then 19 when we started going out, 20 when we finished going out.

"It was very amicable, the split. But she never told me she was going on it. It would've been a nice heads up. But I mean, fair play, good luck to her.

"I'll be watching it going 'Go on Paige! C'mon!' And when she's on a date with a boy, I'll go 'Go on, kiss him!' I hope she wins.

"The prize is like 50 grand. And I'll be like 'Well, listen, do you think, they asked you to go on it - now I'm not saying I'm the reason - but also, slide me 2 grand."

People have also been calling out Paige's chastising contestant Ollie for cheating in the past when she has proven unfaithful herself.

'Love Island' continues tonight on Virgin Media One at 9pm.