He may have denied that his biggest hit 'Someone You Loved' is about Paige Turley, but Lewis Capaldi has admitted that another of his songs was inspired by the 'Love Island' star.

The Scottish star revealed at the weekend that 'Hold Me While You Wait' was written about his ex-girlfriend.

Before introducing the song, he told a crowd at a surprise London gig at the weekend: "This next song is about a lady. You think it’s going well, and the lady has different ideas. She thinks it’s going horribly."

He continued: "Then she leaves, and you’re quite sad about it, and you write an album about it."

He reassured the crowd that he was 'not bitter' about it, and said that he hoped that she went on to win 'Love Island' - adding "I did think maybe I shouldn’t write songs about people, because they can end up on TV later on."

The lyrics of the song include "Tell me more, tell me something I don't know / Could we come close to having it all? / If you're gonna waste my time, let's waste it right" and "Hold me while you wait / I wish that I was good enough".

Hear it below: