It seems that Harry Styles can do no wrong right now.

Not only did the former One Direction man release a great second album in December (picking up more positive reviews than his former bandmates, in the process), but he's been killing it with his recent cover versions.

When Lizzo heard his take on her track 'Juice', she commended him and invited him to duet with her earlier this month.

Heck, he's even performed 'Landslide' with Stevie Nicks.

Now, he's taken on a bona fide legend by covering Joni Mitchell's 'Big Yellow Taxi' for Valentine's Day last week.

He performed the track live in studio on BBC Radio 2's Breakfast show, staying faithful to the original but also subtly putting his own spin on it.

It's a thumbs-up from us, and even Stephen Fry (who was also a guest) can't resist having a bop.

Watch it below:

People on social media were loving the cover, too - including the endorsement of Mitchell's official account: