You may have have heard of the 'uncanny valley'.

It's the phenomenon when you look at something computer-generated that's meant to be human, but it elicits an unsettling feeling when you know something's not quite right.

Well, Coldplay's new video will send you right to the uncanny valley as Chris Martin is turned into a small version of himself in  'Champion of the World'.

The video tells the story of a man/boy (played by Martin) who is relentlessly bullied at school. When he returns home, his parents shout and him and argue, causing his body to shrink.

To escape the grind of daily life, he escapes into his imagination and flies to outer space, where he joins his bandmates on other planets.

According to director Cloe Bailly, "the video is about this magic power that kids have to switch off from reality and jump into their own world.’

Watch it below: