Music, like any artform, is a subjective thing.

What you enjoy, ten other people may not. Prevailing tastes, the zeitgeist, it can all influence what people like and dislike. That being said, there are certain songs that can be universally agreed upon as being awful.

For example, 'The Birdie Song' by the Tweets. Nobody should listen to it. Don't bother looking for it now, just take our word for it, but know that it managed to reach No.2 in the UK Charts in October of 1981.

Is Pitbull featuring Rhea's sampling of Toto's 'Africa' as similarly bad? It's hard to know, really. Some people might find this to be a pleasant two minutes and twenty-five seconds. Other people might find it to be sacrilege on a scale comparable to someone torching the Book of Kells.

Either way, it's now out there in the world and we all to live with it. Or maybe, we could allow the eventual degradation of our planet to take us over and finally, hand-in-hand, we all walk to our fate and end this mistake of an existence once and for all.

We accept our end, knowing that it is deserved because we - all of us, collectively - thought that Pitbull making a dance-pop cover of Toto's 'Africa' was going to be OK.