If you're flicking through the radio or if you happen to be in a public place with piped in music, Toto's 'Africa' is often a welcome bop in an otherwise humdrum place.

The easy singalong lyrics, the synths, the drums echoing tonight, all of it's just lovely and you can just tap along to it for the hell of it. However, could you possibly stand to hear it for five hours straight? In other words, could you stand to hear it 70 times back-to-back?

A nightclub in Bristol, England is planning to play the seminal 1982 yacht rock hit as part of a charity event to raise money for Temwa, a Bristol-based charity which supports people in remote, rural areas of northern Malawi.

Speaking to the Bristol Post, DJ Michael Savage - who's got a handy night ahead of him, in fairness - explained that he's "been DJing all over Bristol for 25 years and Africa is the one song which has always filled dancefloors without fail."

"Africa is an incredible song but to be honest I think it’s going to drive me insane hearing it for that amount of time," Savage admitted. If you happen to be in Bristol on November 30th, there's tickets available for the night.

Here's a snifter of what to expect. For five hours.