What with the recent landslide election of the Conservatives in the UK, an addled celebrity in the White House, a feeling of existential doom in the air, and a 'Top Gun' movie on its way to cinemas, you'd be forgiven for thinking we've time-warped to the '80s.

The new trailer for 'Top Gun: Maverick' keeps the story details light and the action heavy, with a few glimpses of Miles Teller's character's moustache (he's the son of Goose, played by Anthony Edwards no less), Jennifer Connolly, and the young hotshot pilots with cool-sounding names that include 'Fanboy', 'Phoenix' and 'Rooster'.

Sadly, however, there is a distinct lack of Kenny Loggins in the trailer, not to mention that there's zero indication that we're going to see Meg Ryan crop back up into the proceedings either. That said, it's looking pretty slick and you can't deny that the buzz off of this is pretty spectacular.

'Top Gun: Maverick' swoops into Irish cinemas on July 17th.