In case you thought that long-awaited Top Gun sequel wasn't going to materialise and would disappear into the sunset, guess again.

Omega Underground is reporting that the as-yet untitled Top Gun sequel is due to begin filming in the summer, which they also believe has knocked Tom Cruise out of the running for Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. There's no precise word yet on what the plot of Top Gun 2 will be about, but director Joseph Kosinski has said that his plan is to recapture that sense of excitement from the original.

In an interview with in 2017, Kosinski explained that the tone of the original "and what those guys were doing was very different. Now, here in 2017, the Navy’s been at war for 20 years. It’s just a different world now, so you can’t remake the first movie." Top Gun 2 is now officially slated in for a July 12th, 2019 release date, so if they want to get the film out in time, a summer production start makes sense.

Also, y'know, summer is volleyball season. So there's that.


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