Could this man get any better?

In case you weren't already vehemently aware - Nicolas Cage is a family man. So much so that the actor passed on some pretty big franchises in order to stay home (and not galavant off to New Zealand).

Cage, a star in over 100 movies (but who has always had his priorities very much in line), had previously been attached to a couple of iconic roles that he very famously passed on.

The 58-year-old actor turned down the role of Aragorn in 'Lord Of The Rings', with the role eventually falling to Viggo Mortensen; he also turned down Neo in 'The Matrix', which eventually went to another endearing actor, Keanu Reeves.

Speaking with People this week, Cage said: "First and foremost ... there's no version of Nic Cage in reality that doesn't want to spend time with his children.

"There's no version of Nic Cage that didn't put family first over career. I turned down 'Lord Of The Rings' and I turned down 'Matrix' because I didn't want to go to New Zealand for three years or Australia for three years because I needed to be home with my son Weston, that's a fact."

Currently busy promoting his new meta feature film 'The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent', where he plays an alternative version of himself, Cage continued that the man you see on screen is different from the real-life man.

He added: "So there is a huge disparity between that Nick Cage in 'Massive Talent' and the Nic Cage sitting in front of you right now."

Nicolas Cage, the family man, has two children aged 31 and 16, Weston and Kal-El. He's also expecting another child later this year with his wife Riko Shibata.

It's obvious that Cage passing on these two huge franchises had little effect on his career, with the actor currently enjoying quite the revival. His next big feature film will see him take on the role of blood-sucking (and red velvet wearing) Dracula opposite Nicholas Hoult in Chris McKay's 'Renfield'.

'The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent' hits cinemas this Friday.