Although there's been a couple of images floating around online, there's been precious little else about 'Dune'.

Until now, that is.

Per a tweet from the Kwisatz Haderach himself, Timothée Chalamet, the trailer for 'Dune' is incoming and will arrive before September. So far, Warner Bros. has not yet given any indication when the trailer will drop, nor has Denis Villeneuve or any of the production social media accounts either.

In a recent interview for the Shanghai Film Festival, Denis Villeneuve confirmed that he's currently "sprinting" towards the finish line with the movie, and that reshoots he had planned some time ago are only happening now in the next couple of weeks.

"I needed time and it’s a luxury that I had, so at the time, I didn’t know there would be a pandemic. So when the virus hit North America as we were about to go back to do those elements. So the impact was that it crushed my schedule right now," Villeneuve explained.

'Dune' is still slated for release on December 18th, 2020.