As much as we mortal plebs might look at awards ceremonies and think they're just fantastic, the reality of them is quite often the complete opposite.

You're sewn into a dress or tuxedo, the food's probably crap, there's cameras everywhere watching you, and you're most likely at a table where you either don't know anyone, or are sick talking to.

Sure, there's worse ways of making a living, but it can get pretty boring as one award ceremony blends into the other. So, how do you combat boredom in a place like this?

Well, if you're Timotheé Chalamet and you're at last night's SAG Awards, you smuggle a book in with you and read it under the table when you get a chance.

Yes, really.

The book, in case you were wondering, that Chalamet was reading was apparently the program notes for the event itself and not the script for the 'Call Me By Your Name' sequel, as some people suggested.

You've got to wonder just how boring an awards ceremony is if you're reading the program for it rather than, y'know, looking at it as it happens in front of you.