'Captain Marvel' is out in cinemas and 'Avengers: Endgame' is on the way so with the MCU on everyone's minds, we're looking back on one of its most successful instalments - 'Black Panther'.

'Black Panther' is the eighteenth movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and earned critical acclaim and big bucks at the time of its release in early 2018.

It was also the first superhero and comic book movie to earn a Best Picture Oscar nomination, winning three Academy Awards in the end - for costume design, production design and original score.

As most fans know, 'Black Panther' is the first movie in the MCU to have its opening weekend domestic box office surpass its production cost. It cost $200 million to make, and between Thursday and Sunday opening weekend made $202 million domestically.

We reckon though that there are plenty of trivia bits that fans don't know about. Here are 15 facts that will just make you appreciate the movie all the more.


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