The movie has had real legs at the box office, ramping up well over €4 million so far from Ireland alone and continuing to see business abroad. All told, the movie has pulled in $323,915,551 worldwide with a fairly even split between US and international box office.

What's likely to make even more money for 'A Star Is Born' is the home sales, both the soundtrack album and the eventual DVD / Blu-Ray release. On that front, it appears as though a new cut is being put together. In an interview with The Film Stage, cinematographer Matthew Libatique explained that Cooper's editing process involved shaving things down to let the music fit.

"Bradley was working on it — intensely working on it — to find a flow. It’s a rather long film because the music is in it. Things had to go so the music could take place; it couldn’t all exist at the same time. We shot, probably, more movie than is in the movie because of that. I think, editorially, he really started to shave it down to the bare essence of what the love story was. And that’s really all he was doing — making sure that was his priority — and you have to make some really tough decisions. Some performances."

Interestingly, Libatique spoke about how a new cut is being put together to bring these moments back into the movie, however neither Warner Bros. nor Cooper have confirmed the news as of yet. More often than not, director's cut and extended cuts are kept for the home release. For example, the infamous three-hour cut of 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' was kept for home release.

'A Star Is Born' is currently in Irish cinemas.