It's been hotly anticipated by fans, but now there's finally some footage online for the extended 'Ultimate' edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This version of the beleaguered film runs for - wait for it - three hours and two minutes. That's 182 minutes, almost thirty more minutes of Henry Cavill saying nothing and Ben Affleck singlehandedly saving the film from itself.

As well as this, the Ultimate Edition comes bundled with a number of featurettes, including one very cool one on designing the new Batmobile, another on the Batcave and a further one on Wonder Woman. In total, there's eleven featurettes included.

Not only that, this version has - in the US, anyway - been rated R. Our equivalent would either be 15A or 16, as Snyder's cut of the film was way more violent than the one we saw in cinemas.

Here's the trailer.

So, thoughts? At three hours and two minutes, it's easy to see why this version didn't make it into cinemas. Not only that, the film was already way too drawn out and overburdened with needless things, so maybe it's exactly the sort of film that could work in a home environment.

You have a chance to pause it and you can pick it up at your own leisure. Not only that, it's going to be interesting to view the two together and see what exactly made it on the cutting room floor and why. There's more than a few films that, when you see the extended version, you can't really understand why certain scenes were cut.

That might be the case here; that Warner Bros. leaned on Snyder to get the film in under time and with a certificate that wouldn't exclude a sizeable chunk of their audience. Either way, this could be worth a watch - if for no other reason that it could be time to reevaluate it.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice's Ultimate Edition is on DVD from June 26th and Blu-Ray from July 19th.