Is there anything this guy can’t do?

As you may know by now we were big fans of 'A Star is Born', a tragic love story between two musicians played by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. You can read our five-star review here.

The pair were on Graham Norton last night to promote the movie which was also Cooper’s directorial debut. Yes, that’s right, it turns out he can act, sing AND direct. The bastard.

One possibly surprising aspect of the movie was just how good a singer Cooper is. This duet for the song ‘Shallow’ particularly blew our mind, as did ‘Is That Alright?’. We weren’t the only ones pleasantly surprised by his dulcet tones.

Watch here as Lady Gaga talks about the first time she heard Cooper sing at her house as they sat on her patio and ate reheated pasta. And check out the way he looks at her when she’s telling the story. Bless.

‘A Star is Born’ hits Irish cinemas next Friday on October 5th.