When 'Detective Pikachu' was initially announced, it sounded sketchy. The project seemed sketchier still when it was announced Ryan Reynolds would be voicing the titular character.

But with early word for 'Detective Pikachu' being so positive, it sounds like the filmmakers have managed to pull it out of the bag. Sure it's Ryan Reynolds, so we never should have doubted him.

You may have forgotten but the 'Deadpool' star has actually lent his voice to a number of TV shows and movies before the Pokemon movie.

Here are some you may have forgotten about.


Family Guy

Ryan Reynolds has lent his voice to 'Family Guy' on a couple of occasions. He cameoed as 'Overweight Guy' at one point and appeared as himself in the season 10 episode 'Stewie Goes for a Drive'. The latter would've been a few years before Reynolds launched to major stardom with 'Deadpool'. In the episode, Peter Griffin becomes suspicious that the actor is attracted to him.


The Croods

One of Dreamworks Animation studio's less talked about features is 'The Croods', but it is a cracking film. Reynolds plays 'Guy', a modern human who meets a family of cave people. Stars like Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone and Catherine Keener also lent their voices to the movie. Reynolds will return as Guy in 'The Croods 2' which is currently in production and set to hit cinemas in 2020.



'The Croods' was actually Reynolds' second project with Dreamworks after 'Turbo'. Here he plays the titular garden snail who, after a freak accident, gains hyper speed and accuracy, thus giving him a chance to accomplish his dream of winning the Indy 500. Costing $127 million to make and a marketing budget of $150–175 million, it was a write-off for Dreamworks after making only $282.6 million at the box office. Eek.


The Voices

Ryan Reynolds has gotten to show off his vocal range in live action projects as well as animation. In 'The Voices', he plays an upbeat schizophrenic who, by not taking his medication, has delusions of his pets talking to him. Reynolds voices his character's cat Mr. Whiskers and dog Bosco as well as The Deer and Bunny Monkey over the course of the film. It's a strange one.



Reynolds' superhero credits are not limited to 'Deadpool', 'Green Lantern' and 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'. He also starred in 'Paper Man' (another one co-starring Emma Stone) and this animated series, 'Zeroman'. Here though, Reynolds doesn't get to play the titular hero - that's left to 'The Naked Gun' star Leslie Nielsen. Rather, Reynolds voices Zeroman's intelligence support, Ty Cheese. The Canadian animated series lasted only 13 episodes due to Nielsen's death.


The Whale

Reynolds has been a documentary narrator a la David Attenborough over the years as well. He narrates 'The Whale', based on a 2007 documentary called 'Saving Luna', which looks at the titular young, wild killer whale who befriends people on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island after being separated from his pod at a young age.