Is 'Detective Pikachu' a poké-ball? Because it looks like the movie has captured quite a lot of hearts in Japan.

An advanced screening of Ryan Reynolds' newest movie 'Detective Pikachu' took place last night in Tokyo, Japan, the home of Pokémon. And judging by the reactions of members of the press, fans needn't worry too much. The movie looks set to be a glowing representation of the live-action world of Pokémon.

Here's a rundown of some of the reactions to the latest Pikachu adventure.

We wish we had Ryan Reynolds' voiced Pikachu as a pal too.


It looks like the movie is full of heart, and plenty of laughs.


Those pesky spore attacks...


Someone left their caps lock on. But we dig it.


It it leaves you thinking about it hours afterwards, it must be a winner.


Two of our favourite movies rolled into one you say?


Could we finally have a DECENT movie based on a video game on our hands?


Ryan Reynolds approves of the early reactions too.

AV Club's Marah Eakin posted a positive reaction, as did Den Of Geek's David Crow who dubbed it as "easily the best videogame movie ever made." To be fair, that's not a high bar to cross, but it's still pretty positive.

Meanwhile, IMDb and Nerdist all gave resoundingly positive reactions, as did JoBlo and as well.

There's not too much longer to wait for 'Detective Pikachu', which arrives in Irish cinemas on May 10th.